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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Ring-billed Gull Neath Abbey Saltmarsh

 I saw this gull with others gathered alongside the Neath River at Neath Abbey Saltmarsh, this morning at 09:40. My first thought was 1st W Ring-billed Gull and I quickly tried to get some record shots of it. Unfortunately the gulls were pretty restless in the area and after 10 mins it flew off with the others in the direction of the playing fields at Cwrt Herbert. Lots of sporting activities there and no sign of it with other gulls nearby.
 It flew off before I was completely satisfied of its ID. It never came closer than 300m but these cropped digiscoped shots do (I think) show enough features to confirm it as a Ring-billed Gull, close to 1st S plumage.
It was searched for again this evening but no luck relocating it. It may have roosted with the other gulls somewhere in Baglan Bay and hopefully it will show again tomorrow morning. The viewing points for the saltmarsh are from Neath Abbey roundabout (although parking here is very limited) and access to view the saltmarsh can be obtained from Milland Road Industrial Estate (however the gulls "spook" very easily from that side of the river)


Anonymous said...

Awesome find i wiil be there in morning and not typical place where i would expect to find a such a rare gull in Neath/PortTalbot

Dave A said...

Definitely a Ringer Mark, well done.

Phil B said...

Has become much rarer in recent years, a very good find Mark.

David Gilmore said...

According to the Glamorgan database, this is the first record for this species in the Unitary Authority of NPT. Well done on your find Mark.

Mark Hipkin said...

Rob, Dave, Phil and Jake
Thanks for your comments. I hope it stays a while and returns to the area in future years.