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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Flat Holm Records 2012

A list of the highlights from Flat Holm April-Dec. 2012
[Thanks to Sam Whitfield & FHP + other island observers]

Mute Swan 1 juv. on 2/11/12 [First Island Record]
Mute Swan 2 on 4/12/12
Mute Swan 1 12/12/12
Hobby 1 on 18/10/12 [First Island Record]
Hobby 1 on 26/10/12
Merlin 1 on 24/12/12
Purple Sandpiper 2 on 29/04/12
Purple Sandpiper 2 on 13/09/12
Sanderling 20 on 17/11/12
Snipe 1 on 27/10/12 [First Island Record]
Snipe 1 on 19/11/12
Snipe 1 on 23/12/12
Little Gull 4 on 28/10/12 [First Island Record]
Short-eared Owl 1 on 1/12/12 [2nd Island Record]
Short-eared Owl 1 on 24/12/12
Swallow 1 on 5/11/12
House Martin 1 on 2/11/12
Water Pipit 1 on 10/12/12 [First Island Record]
Stonechat 4 on 2/11/12
Whinchat 1 on 21/10/12 [First since 2005]
Redstart 1 fem. on 17/11/12
Black Redstart 1 on 1/04/12
Black Redstart 1 between 23-26/10/12
Mistle Thrush 1 on 4/12/12
Ring Ouzel 1 on 26/10/12 [First Island Record]
Garden Warbler 1 on 28/10/12
Lesser Whitethroat 1 on 5/09/12
Firecrest 1 on 16/11/12
Firecrest 1 on 25/11/12
Great Tit 1 on 13/10/12 [Scarce on Flat Holm]
Long-tailed Tit 1 8/11/12 [First Island Record]
Chiffchaff 30 on 6/11/12
Chiffchaff 30 on 21/12/12
Bullfinch 1 on 27/10/12 [First Island Record]
Bullfinch 1 on 3/11/12
A report of 2 Twite on the island on 26/10/12

All record stats per GBC Database 2013

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John Wilson said...

That's very a useful summary, thanks to those concerned. I'll make sure these are put in the Report. With regard to the latter I have had what I hope is a final sync from Dave Carrington so can ow crack on.