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Monday, 30 June 2014

Great White Egret at Kenfig NNR

© D.G. Carrington
A Great White Egret was seen flying from the Kenfig Pool out towards the saltmarsh area by David Carrington today at 11:50. There have been good numbers of Grey Herons gathering at the saltmarsh for the last few weeks and so it's possible this bird will stick around a while longer than the one day bird of last month.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Puffins at Worms Head

It's been on my mind for a while to make the visit to Worms Head in search of Puffins, therefore following news of Dean Bolt's visit last Sunday reporting up to 4 Puffins present around the outer head was all the encouragement I needed to try and get this bird on my Glamorgan Bird List. I suppose unofficially it was already on the list because I saw one off Port Eynon about 10 years ago, but that sighting is more a memory than a record with no date available to record against. Not sure what the rules are, or even if there are rules, but it makes sense to me to have at least a location and date for a record to be properly documented/listed.
Anyway there were up to 3 Puffins present today including a fairly distant two and a closer single bird. The bird shown above was under the breeding ledges of the Auks and Kittiwakes and was a nice reward for Darren Coombs and me following a long wait without any sign of Puffins. In fact it took about 2hrs to find any Puffins and they only came to the sea under the ledges just before we needed to start our return journey to the mainland. The initial distant sightings were 2 birds on the sea south of the outer head.
I've not been to Worms Head for many years and even longer since I ventured to the outer head. Having now spent a few hours there today it seems to me that the optimal place to look for the Puffins is from Devil's Bridge, which gives a good view of the sea below the breeding ledges and also the sea south of Worms Head.
If not familiar with the going underfoot then I would describe the route out to the outer head as challenging in places and a bit of a scramble at times. The causeway open times are displayed on a board next to the path leading down from the lookout station. The period when it is safe to cross between the mainland and inner head is generally 5 hrs split over the low tide mark i.e. 2+1/2 hours either side of the low water time. Certainly this special location is well worth a visit and seeing our very own breeding Guillemots and Razorbills on the ledges is very entertaining and rewarding.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hayes Point

A very nice adult summer Med Gull past Hayes Point, Sully this am. Otherwise very quiet in Glamorgan on the birding front - However lots of Orchids, Moths, Butts & Dragonflies on our related blogs to keep us all interested.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Glaucous Gull still at Burry Holms

Mike Cram said a birder based and working in Llandeilo saw the Glaucous Gull again yesterday, it was ranging between Burry Holms and Broughton.

Friday, 13 June 2014

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Flat Holm

News for 12th June: 4 Common Cranes seen flying over the island from the direction of Cardiff about 7.55am.

No sign of Night Heron at Cosmeston

No positive reports from Cosmeston regarding the Night Heron, so far today. I attach a record shot of the little beauty from yesterday evening. It was showing incredibly well with only the low sun to complain about!
A cracking bird and a very welcome surprise for most of us, apart that is for Rob Mitchell who pretty much predicted it! Mind you Rob has a track record of his own with rare herons in Glamorgan so perhaps his prediction had a certain amount of inevitability attached.

Late evening Night Heron 12/06/14

Best I could get unfortunately!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Photos of Night Heron

For the record here are the 4 best photos from this morning, not great as heavily cropped but at least you can tell what it is! Glad others caught up with it later.


Night Heron at Cosmeston Lakes CP

Peter Howlett found an adult Night Heron at Cosmeston Lakes, this morning. Seen in the trees near the reedbed at the west lake and in flight there a few times. Last seen at 09:25 when the bird flew out of view into deeper cover. Congratulations to Peter for a terrific find.

Apologise to Peter also, for some substandard news distribution on my part. Luckily there are lots of far more reliable bird news services that make sure the news of this importance gets out quickly. Hopefully, the bird will show again later today.


A report of a Night Heron at Cosmeston this am. Bird seen to fly across west lake into trees. No further reports. Obs unknown, via Rare Bird Network

Sunday, 8 June 2014

BBRC latest

Please see Description News & Status for latest results.
The Ogmore Bonaparte's Gull is still in circulation due to confirmation of exact dates and observers (March - last date & brief April reappearance 2013) and not due to ID.

Thanks also to all observers who have submitted their local rarities via BirdTrack [emails to CR's]

Friday, 6 June 2014

Flamin quiet for June so far...

During the last 3 years in Glamorgan the month of June has turned up Red-necked Phalarope (2013), Gull-billed Tern (2012), Bee Eater (2011) and Black-headed Bunting (2012). The records also suggest keeping an eye on the garden is worthwhile! What will June 2014 bring...…

Note: The GRC Nightjar survey is still ongoing in 2014, so please keep the records coming. Thanks.