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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Great Grey Shrike at Bwlch-y-Llandron

I was extremely happy to spend this afternoon in the presence of a Great Grey Shrike. The "Great" is well deserved in its name. It was particularly successful while I was there, catching many beetles, a bee or two and a shrew. It seemed to stash the shrew for later on a branch that was out of view, from my position.

Well done to Colin Richards for finding this bird and also to Rob & Linda Nottage for reporting their sighting yesterday. I've only ever seen one other GGS in the UK and it was miles off. This bird has really made my year so far.


Colin Richards said...

Nice shots Mark, glad you saw the bird. Good area, when the sun is out.

Barry Stewart said...

Great picts Mark - top shot's a stunner ;o)

The Snipe said...

Indeed, very nice. Nice to meet up with you again Mark! Had exc views of Xbill on the way up too.

Mark Hipkin said...

Thanks lads.

Colin, apologies your comment did not appear straight away. The automatic spam filter blogger was responsible. There is no way of turning this off unfortunately but, this will be monitored more closely from now on. Hopefully, certainly in your case, this won't happen again. Cheers

Jeff said...

Nice set of images Mark.